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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Education campaigns

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  1. More answers Dont let them rip you off - billboard campaigns

    Three nationwide billboard campaigns were carried out by the Office, the first in 2005 and then two more in 2007. The billboards were located in 48 Polish towns (1400 billboards in total) and they were targeted at consumers aged over 18 years, that is persons responsible for making purchase decisions and doing shopping in their households. The idea behind the campaigns was to improve consumers’ awareness about their rights and to remind them that they can seek help from consumer ombudsmen (in Poland there are about 370 local consumer ombudsmen providing free of charge consumer advice and legal assistance). The campaigns led to a significant increase in the number of consumers approaching the ombudsmen for help.



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  3. More answers My consumer ABC campaign

    “My Consumer ABC” campaign, initiated by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in 2006, was designed to equip the weaker market participants with the information on how to effectively deal with prevalent consumer problems, i.e. how to file a complaint about a defective product, how to spot abusive clauses in a contract with a service provider, how to return an unwanted mail-order purchase or how to avoid spam.

    “My consumer ABC” aimed at developing consumer awareness of Polish citizens: children, teenagers and adults. The topics addressed during the campaign were selected on the basis of public surveys and analysis of complaints reaching the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and consumer ombudsmen. The campaign focused on the following matters:

    1. Safety and quality of goods and services,
    2. On-line shopping,
    3. Signing contracts,
    4. Proper marking of products,
    5. Filing complaints about defective goods and services,
    6. Managing your budget,
    7. Fostering sensibility towards promotional and marketing activities of producers

    The campaign was devised to help consumers to strengthen their assertive approach towards market offers, marketing tools and sales techniques. One of its priority objectives was to teach children the practical skills needed to distinguish advertisement from other messages they encounter in the electronic media and in the press and also to utilize other sources of information on products available on the market.

    The campaign was addressed at all consumers, starting from children in kindergartens, through pupils of primary schools, junior high schools and high schools, up to adults. For each of these groups, different information channels had been selected. There was even a section specially designed for students of economic universities (future entrepreneurs) on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), focusing on the economic and social aspect of economic activity.

    The campaign consisted of:

    • Publications and educational materials: brochures, handbooks, audiovisual productions, leaflets, comic books and coloring books for the youngest children (5-15 years old);
    • An advisory internet site for young consumers (with sections designed for users between 5 and 15);
    • A TV ad
    • Workshops for parents and teachers;
    • Regional conferences in different parts of Poland;
    • Happenings on corporate social responsibility for students of economic universities;
    • The “Consumer” TV series - twenty episodes of an educational broadcast targeted at a wide group of viewers, shown in Polish TV in 2006;
    • The “Consumer in the World of Competition” TV series indicating the importance of market competition for the economic interests of consumers.

    “My Consumer ABC” constituted one of the tools of implementing the governmental “Strategy of Consumer Protection Policy 2004-2006”. The project was co-financed by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and the European Union.

    In 2009 UOKiK carried out a continuation of “My consumer ABC” campaign. The new initiative comprised training sessions for secondary school teachers across Poland to equip them with the knowledge and materials to run consumer education lessons at their schools. They were provided with lessons plans, text books and an information brochure.

    As part of the campaign the UOKiK also updated and overhauled the website. Teenagers are e.g. able to play an interactive game there, learning to do rational shopping.

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  5. More answers You can a TV campaign

    The campaign featured a 30-second TV ad aimed at increasing the legal awareness of weaker market participants and promoting the institution of consumer ombudsmen. The ad was addressed to adult consumers, who - often unaware of their rights - give up seeking redress when faced with a dispute with a trader. The ad was broadcast in 2007 and 2008 and there are plans to broadcast it at cinemas, on advertising screens in underground stations and at points of sale.

    TV Ad - You can... (2007)

    Download video, format: flv, size: 2,43 MB

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  7. More answers Senior Consumers an education campaign

    In 2008 UOKiK organised in cooperation with a consumer NGO (Association of Polish Consumers) a national education campaign for senior consumers (aged 60+). The initiative included lectures run by psychologists and policemen held at Third Age Universities, leaflets and brochures providing senior consumers with the knowledge on how to avoid unfair commercial practices. The campaign was concluded with a conference.

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  9. More answers Why fight like cats and dogs? Alternative Dispute Resolution billboard campaign

    This campaign, held at the end of 2008 in the pre-Christmas period, was to help promote consumer arbitration courts operating by the Trade Inspection as a fast, cheap and effective way of solving B2C disputes.