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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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The president of the UOKiK receives a World Bank award for competition law advocacy

< previous | next > 24.05.2017

The president of the UOKiK receives a World Bank award for competition law advocacy
  • The President of the UOKiK, Mr Marek Niechcia³, received an award of the World Bank and the International Competition Network (ICN) for the best information and educational project in the field of competition law.
  • The award ceremony took place during this year’s ICN International Contest in the city of Porto (Portugal).
  • The prize was awarded for the guide for companies operating in the water and sanitation industry prepared by the Competition Authority.

– It is both an honour and a great pleasure for me to receive an award from organisations whose members are the most distinguished economists and competition law experts in the world. This award clearly shows that our domestic policy of competition and consumer protection has now received recognition on an international forum – said Mr Marek Niechcia³, President of the UOKiK.

The Competition Authority received the World Bank and International Competition Network award for the best information and educational project in the field of protection of competition in the Implementing advocacy strategies at multiple levels – regional, national, subnational/economy-wide and sector-specific category.

The winning project was the UOKiK publication dedicated to the water and sanitation services market. The publication was created following the rise in the number of proceedings initiated by the UOKiK in connection with competition law infringements in this sector of the economy. The publication contains practical guidelines for everyone who is interested in this topic and explains which types of activities may be considered illegal.

The water and sanitation services sector remains under constant supervision of the UOKiK. Our award-winning guide is primarily intended to restrict the amount of administrative interventions on the market in question. This is because, at a certain point, every one in ten decisions issued by the Competition Authority pertained to anti-competitive practices in this sector – Marek Niechcia³ adds.

This is not the first such award to be received by the UOKiK. Last year, the Competition Authority received a honourable mention for the development and promotion of a guidebook for cemetery managers and funeral service companies.

Detailed information on the contest as well as the list of winners and honorable mentions is available online on the World Bank website.

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