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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Education campaigns

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  1. More answers Be careful, senior!

    Be careful, senior! ― the UOKiK’s campaign aimed at warning consumers against unfair practices of some entrepreneurs while concluding off-premises contracts, i.e. during presentations or at the consumer’s place of residence. The problem considers the purchase of cooking equipment, linen and paramedical products as well as the sale of telecommunications, gas and energy services. Very often consumers – primarily the elderly – are misled and as a result they bear serious financial losses by incurring financial commitments or paying contractual penalty for breaking the contract with the existing provider of services.

    The campaign was launched on 15 March 2018.

    Educational materials consisted of two spots paying attention to the risk and informing about the right to withdraw from the contract concluded off-premises. They also encourage to take advantage of free of charge legal aid.



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  3. More answers Make friends with arbitration

    Make friends with arbitration (Polub polubowne) – it is a slogan of UOKiK’s campaign which aimed at informing as many people as possible about amicable consumer dispute settlement procedures. The campaign launched in September 2017.

    Information materials consisted of advertising spots encouraging to visit the website including the register of institutions dealing with alternative dispute resolution, animated infographics, clarifying how to use these methods, as well as answers to frequently asked questions and downloadable materials – a leaflet, among others.

    Spots were broadcast on the Internet and in the means of public transport.

    Spot: Make friends with arbitration – Phone

    Spot: Make friends with arbitration – Laptop

    Spot: Make friends with arbitration – Financial services

    Spot: Make friends with arbitration – Telecommunications services

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  5. More answers Law says that you can

    Law says that you can (Takie prawo, że można) with this slogan UOKiK launched a campaign informing about consumer’s rights (January and October 2015).

    Two questions were raised during the campaign 14 days to withdraw from the contract concluded on the Internet and the rules of complaint of defective goods. Moreover, the material encouraged to visit the website, as well as useful files to download, such as: brochures, leaflets, complaints procedures and template forms.

    Spot – online shopping

    Spot – traditional shopping

    Spots were broadcast on television, radio and Internet as well as on the LCD screens placed in  newsagent’s, cash machines and public transport.

    Posters presenting the complaint procedures were also displayed within the campaign.

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  7. More answers Consumer Classroom

    Consumer Classroom is an initiative undertaken by Directorate General for Health and Consumers of European Commission. The main goal of the campaign was consumer education.

    The project was targeted at teachers and the youth aged 12-18 years. It may be useful for the lessons regarding business studies, mathematics, social or natural sciences. The website includes ready for use educational materials, which are to help teachers  to transfer knowledge pertaining to consumer rights and practical skills useful in daily life.

    After registering on the website you get access to the library available in all language versions of the European Union. The resources are divided in terms of topics and age-groups. The issues include: financial education, social media, safety in Internet, advertising, consumer rights, to name just a few. Moreover, the website offers teachers the possibility to create their own interactive lessons and to share them with their students in the virtual class. Forum enables users to get in touch with teachers from across Europe and to cooperate within inter-school projects and competitions.

    The Office became the partner of the project Consumer Classroom acknowledging its role in the process of educating students and teachers in the area of consumer education. We encourage you to actively use the portal and to share your experience with other teachers. About 8.000 Polish teachers took this opportunity while in Europe over 80 000 of users.