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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Reliable consumer information

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Reliable consumer information

DVD sleeves will feature complete and reliable information on the conditions of copying and lending the discs. Vision Film is the next film distributor who is changing the notices contested by the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection

Pursuant to the Polish Act on copyright and the neighbouring rights, consumers may, without the consent of the distributor, use the film free of charge for personal purposes. For example, it is possible to make a backup copy for the home archive and use the film among friends. Other ways of using the film, except for the allowed personal and public use, require the consent of the copyright owner. Unfortunately, some DVDs available on the market contain unreliable information that suggests a total ban on copying or lending.

Last year, the President of UOKiK initiated two proceedings against companies that distribute DVD films: Warner Bros Poland and Vision Film. The Office contested the information featured on the DVD sleeves which suggesting that lending and copying of the work without the consent of the copyright owner is prohibited unconditionally. In February 2007, Warner Bros changed its policies. Now the Office has contested the practices of Vision Film.

The company undertook to change the sleeves, too. The DVDs distributed by Vision Film will no longer contain the contested notices. As of June this year, they will be replaced by new ones, reliably informing the users of their rights and not threatening them with imprisonment for any form of unauthorized use of the film. At the same time, Vision Film posted some information about the change on its website.

Another film distributor, Best Film, may serve as a positive example for other companies, as it abandoned the misleading practices voluntarily, changed the existing notices in March 2007 and informed the President of UOKiK of this fact.

Additional information:
Małgorzata Cieloch, Spokesperson for UOKiK
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Tel. 22 827 28 92, 55 60 106, 55 60 314
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