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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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UOKiK receives award for competition advocacy

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UOKiK receives award for competition advocacy
  • The UOKiK received an award in the contest for the best educational and information project related to the competition law.
  • The Guidebook on the Water and Sanitation Services Market received accolades from the International Competition Network (ICN) and the World Bank.
  • In addition, another document prepared by the Competition Authority – a guidebook on funeral services – has also received an honourable mention last year.

The idea for the Guidebook was sparked by the substantial number of cases in the water and sanitation services market initiated by the UOKiK. During some periods, one in every ten decisions issued by the Competition Authority pertained to this very sector. The awarded publication contains practical guidelines for everyone who is interested in this topic, and explains which types of activities may be considered illegal.

The publication of the Competition Authority was given recognition during The 2016 – 2017 Competition Advocacy Contest - Elevating Competition Policies in Economic Policy Agendas: Innovative Advocacy Strategies to Address Market Challenges organised by the International Competition Network and the World Bank. The publication of the UOKiK received an award in the Implementing advocacy strategies at multiple levels – regional, national, subnational/economy-wide and sector-specific category.

This is not the first such award to be received by the UOKiK. Last year, the Competition Authority received an honourable mention for the development and promotion of a guidebook for cemetery managers and funeral service companies.

Detailed information on the contest as well as the list of winners and honourable mentions is available online on the World Bank website.

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