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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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Search of company premises - Veolia Energia Warszawa

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Search of company premises - Veolia Energia Warszawa
  • The UOKiK has conducted a search of the company premises of Veolia Energia Warszawa.
  • The Competition Authority took action in order to verify whether the undertaking may have been applying competition-restricting practices.

The search formed part of the ongoing preliminary proceedings. The proceedings in question pertain to the actions of undertakings which engage in the thermal energy production, supply and trade and are intended to verify whether the undertakings in question may have been applying competition-restricting practices.

The employees of the UOKiK have examined paper documents and data stored on electronic storage devices; in addition, they have also accepted explanations from the company representatives.

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection may use a variety of measures in order to gather evidence of unlawful practices. One of the most effective among those measures is conducting a search of the undertaking’s premises.

A search of company premises is a tool which is used in situations where it is suspected that the given entity is in possession of evidence which may be relevant to the case. A search may only be conducted if the UOKiK obtains the approval of the court. In the course of a search, the undertaking is under an obligation to grant the employees of the Competition Authority access to its buildings and premises as well as to make available all documents and data carriers. A search is usually conducted in the presence of Police officers. During this year alone, the Competition Authority has already used this option three times in order to obtain the necessary evidence.

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