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How to resolve a dispute online? Use the ODR platform

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How to resolve a dispute online? Use the ODR platform
  • Dear Consumer, have you concluded a contract online with a trader from Poland or another EU country and would like to file a complaint?
  • Dear Trader, would you like to resolve a dispute with a client quickly and without incurring high costs?
  • You can use the special Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Platform operated by the European Commission.

Dear Consumer, the ODR Platform is a website which allows you to resolve a disputes with online traders from Poland or another Member State of the European Union, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein from home. The platform is easy to use – all you need to do is to fill in a form. Go to, describe your problem, attach the relevant documents and file a complaint. Your case will be handled by an independent entity authorised to resolve disputes.

Dear Online Trader, please remember that your website needs to feature the link to the ODR Platform maintained by the European Commission as well as your contact email address even if you do not consent to resolution of disputes in this manner. To find out how to register with the ODR Platform, please see the EC guide.

The European Commission is conducting a campaign aimed at promoting the website among online traders. The European Commission checked if online shops featured the link to the ODR Platform. This was the case for 30% of the 20,000 websites verified throughout the EU. The inspection was carried out between 1 June and 15 July 2017. 34% of the inspected websites of Polish undertakings featured the required link. In Germany, the link was found on as many as 66% of websites, and in Austria, Denmark and Slovakia on 47%, 44% and 37%, respectively.

Poland joined the ODR Platform upon publication of the first authorised entity from Poland, i.e. 23 March 2017. Currently, the website features nine entities from Poland: the Banking Arbitrator, the President of the Office of Electronic Communications, the Financial Ombudsman, the Air Passenger Watchdog “Friendly Flying”, the Ombudsman for Passengers acting within the office the President of the Office of Rail Transport, the Trade Inspection Authority, the Court of Arbitration of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Negotiation Coordinator acting within the office of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office, e-Commerce Poland.

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