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Concentration approval: composite panels

< previous | next > 02.07.2018

Concentration approval: composite panels
  • UOKiK approved the acquisition of Balex Metal by Joris Ide.
  • The proceedings conducted and the market study demonstrated that the concentration will not result in a restriction of competition.
  • This means that after the transaction, the entrepreneurs will not increase the prices of their products.

The parties involved in the concentration deal with, among other things, the sale of insulating composite panels. The panels are used to build walls and roofs in industrial buildings and retail facilities. The properties of these products differ from each other in terms of quality, depending on the insulating core used, which may be made of foam or mineral wool.

The analysis of the transaction indicated the strong positions of both entrepreneurs in the Polish market. Therefore, UOKiK referred the case to the second stage. It was necessary to conduct a market research to determine the shares of Balex Metal and Joris Ide and other panel manufacturers, and to examine the impact of concentration on the market.

“The Office sent inquiries to 46 entrepreneurs – 10 competitors and 36 major off-takers. The conclusions from the market research indicate that concentration will not result in a restriction of competition. Consequently, we approved it” – says Marek Niechciał, President of UOKiK.

The Office verified, among other things, whether or not the price of the panels will be increased by the acquiring company after the transaction. Most of the buyers stated that in the case of an increase in price they would change the supplier. The Office also considered that the competitors of the transaction participants are able to increase the production of panels without major problems. In addition, the shares of Balex Metal and Joris Ide do not exceed 40%.

According to the provisions of applicable laws, a concentration scheme is subject to notification to the antitrust authority if it involves undertakings whose aggregate turnover generated in the preceding year exceeded EUR 1 billion worldwide or EUR 50 million in Poland. The decisions approving the concentration expire if the transaction is not completed within 2 years of the adoption thereof. 

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