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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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2nd phase of the proceeding between: BP Europa and Tomsol

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2nd phase of the proceeding between: BP Europa and Tomsol
  • UOKiK has initiated the second stage of proceedings regarding the acquisition of part of Tomsol’s property by BP Europa.
  • The chances are that as a result of the transaction the competition might be restricted.

The transaction was reported to UOKiK at the end of January 2019. Its participants sell petrol, motor oils and car accessories (retail and wholesale). As a result of the concentration, BP Europa is to acquire petrol stations owned by Tomsol.

The transaction may lead to competition restriction in Koszalin, where both companies have their stations in close proximity. For that reason, it is necessary to conduct market research.

The commencement of the second stage of the proceeding does not affect a decision to be made in the future. The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection may give its consent (unconditional or conditional) to concentration or prohibit it.

Additional information

Pursuant to the Act on Competition and Consumer Protection, proceedings regarding concentration are two-stage. The first stage takes up to a month. However, in particularly complex cases, where the likelihood is that competition will be significantly restricted or where market research is required, the proceedings may take more time.

The UOKiK website provides information on all antitrust proceedings regarding concentration conducted by the Office. Further information on the principles behind concentration can be found in a special report.

Additional information for the media:

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