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Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

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#UOKiKtestuje - we examine color washing powders

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#UOKiKtestuje - we examine color washing powders
  • 290 tests, 7 450 results - UOKiK checked the quality of washing powders for colored fabrics.
  • How did 10 powders deal with stain removal and color protection? Check at

For colors, universal, with the smell of the tropics, with a stain remover, or maybe with a fabric softener? Choosing the right washing powder can make many consumers feel quite confused. The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection comes to the rescue with the first such series of consumer tests - #UOKiKtestuje.

“The right to reliable information is one of the fundamental consumer rights. We want to support consumers in their choices, provide information about product quality and encourage informed purchasing decisions. For the first time, we present the results of a consumer test that checks the quality of 10 washing powders for colored fabrics. Thus, as part of our educational activities, we kick off a series of tests of a variety of daily use products. In a few weeks, we will present the results of the effectiveness of dishwasher tablets, followed by tests of dishwashing liquids,” says President of UOKiK Tomasz Chróstny.

How did we select the powders?

For the tests, we have selected 10 powders for colored fabrics based on market research, which was conducted by the Trade Inspection Authority. We bought powders in chain stores, local stores and discount outlets. The tests were carried out by employees of the UOKiK accredited laboratory in £ód¼. They lasted from August to September. The powders passed a total of 290 tests, during which we obtained 7 450 different partial results.

The brands of the powders tested are as follows:

  • Ariel Color Cleans To Reveal Brilliant Color,
  • Bryza Lanza Expert Mix Color,
  • Dosia Kolor Multi Powder,
  • E Active-6 Enzyme for color intense freshness,        
  • E for colored and dark fabrics extra strong against stains,
  • Filip Ultra Color Power washing powder,
  • Persil Color Deep Clean Technology,
  • Rex 3 x action concentrated color,
  • Surf Color Tropical Lily & Ylang ylang with Essential Oils,
  • Vizir for colors.     

In order to check how the powders remove stains, the employees of the UOKiK laboratory used ready-made cotton knitted fabric with a set of 15 types of standardized soil.

We also assessed whether the powders preserve color intensity and protect white color (i. e. if we wash a black and white blanket, will the white color stay the same), and also whether their use does not impair the durability of the washed fabrics.

What have we found out? Detailed results: download the report (available only in Polish)

The effectiveness of stain removal depends mainly on the type of soil. In this category, the most powerful was Persil Color powder (most effectively removed 7 of 15 types of stains, the most of all tested products). A positive conclusion of the test is that no tested detergent causes a loss of color intensity.

The powders' performance in preserving colors is comparable, but Dosia and Surf have proven to be the best in this category. All powders protect the white well in artificial fabrics against discoloration and prevent it from being dyed by other colored clothes. They perform worse when washing natural fabrics and in this case they differ significantly from each other. Persil Color and Rex protect the white most effectively.

After washing, fabrics kept their durability - regardless of the powder, and the weight of each powder is consistent with the declaration on the packaging.


Based on laboratory tests, we have evaluated the overall quality of powders. We have assigned specific values to three parameters: 70% - stain removal, 20% - preserving colors, 10% - dyeing. This way we developed a quality ranking with Persil Color taking first place, scoring 5 stars. Next in the ranking were Bryza Lanza, Rex, Vizir and Filip, with 3 stars scored.


Hints and tips for consumers

“Not everyone used to play a little chemist in their childhood and knows how exactly a given chemical agent works. When choosing a powder, it is worth looking at the list of ingredients listed on the packaging. For this purpose, we have developed a guide that will help consumers understand product composition and pay attention to the important features of detergents,” stresses Tomasz Chróstny, the President of UOKiK.

When choosing the powder, please look at:

  • net weight of powder or declared number of washing cycles. Do not be misled by the size of the packaging, as manufacturers often put their product into larger containers to give the impression that you buy more of it. Before buying, check the unit price, i.e. for 1 kg or 100 g - you will find it on a shelf tag in the store.
  • label and adjust the optimal dosage, as it will affect the washing results. Too much powder may cause stains on clothes and leave powder residues in the washing machine. Determine water hardness (check your water supply company's website), degree of soiling, pieces of clothes and washing machine load. Hard water and heavily soiled clothes require more detergent to be used.
  • concentration of active substances (mainly surfactants) - they increase the product's performance, i.e. powder in a smaller package will be enough for more washing cycles. Under one condition - follow the manufacturer's instructions and dose the powder accordingly. Too much detergent will not improve the quality of your laundry, while it may have a negative impact on your health and the environment.

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection kindly reminds that any objections concerning the marking, quality and safety of products may be reported to the Provincial Inspectorate of the Trade Inspection Authority. Download the results of the first test from In the report you will find recommendations and analyses of washing performance of selected brands of powders.

Consumer support:

Phone: +48 801 440 220 or +48 22 290 89 16 – consumer helpline
e-mail: [SCODE]cG9yYWR5QGRsYWtvbnN1bWVudG93LnBs[ECODE]
Consumer ombudsmen – in your town or district
Provincial Trade Inspection Authority Offices

Additional information for the media:

UOKiK Press Office
Pl. Powstańców Warszawy 1, 00-950 Warszawa, Poland
Phone +48 695 902 088, +48 22 55 60 246
E-mail: [SCODE]Yml1cm9wcmFzb3dlQHVva2lrLmdvdi5wbA==[ECODE]
Twitter: @UOKiKgovPL

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